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Between Us Portraits

is a 3-part experience...

...inspired by the life of my own animal companion, rescue dog Copper. As a teacher and painter, I understand that 

there's more to love about our pets than their outward appearance.

"re-interviewing" clients Jillian and Rico on stage for the Momentum Artist's Immersion Program Final Showing, March 2018.

the interview



"Lauren is a great interviewer! In no time at all, I found myself giving voice to thoughts about my relationship with my pet cockatiel that I never even knew I had!"



                                 Soquel, CA

The interview begins the Between Us Portraits experience.

With the human and, if possible, the animal client, we explore both simple everyday details and the deeper meanings and feelings evoked in your shared lives.

Every interview is different. While there are a few core questions I ask every time ("What are some of your regular routines and activities? Do you have any nicknames for your pet?"), the interview becomes a conversation where I search and follow what you want to share about what's most meaningful to you.

I love hearing these stories. The content of the interview provides the inspiration for the final portrait.



the painting

"I am continually astounded by Lauren's incredible artistic skills! ...while she is capable of rendering true-to-life likenesses, she also breathes life into her work that reveals her interpretive prowess."


                             Santa Cruz, CA

A Between Us portrait includes a life-like representation of the human with his animal companion on an abstract background, inspired by our interview-conversation.

When doing these portraits, I work equally from photo references and my own intuition.

To develop the composition, I start with a few pencil sketches. The final piece is on acid-free watercolor paper, built up with layers of watercolor, acrylic, and metallic paint.



the statement

"Lauren is a profound wordsmith."


                              Santa Cruz, CA

The final piece of a Between Us portrait is a written statement from me about the painting, describing my thought process and artistic decisions. 

It connects the content of the interview to the final portrait, expanding its symbolism and deepening its meaning.

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