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Beatriz & Keno

I was very impressed with Lauren’s approach to getting to know us…Lauren asked me questions that were not only meaningful, but that were begging to be answered. 

(My dog) Keno is 17 years old and has been with me for 14 years…There were tears and reflections of those years that, although inside of me, were never put into spoken words. Lauren was able to get me to speak those words in such a loving and gentle way. Her professionalism and passion for her work are so evident in the way she approaches this process and I am so grateful for our time exploring this relationship. 


Santa Cruz

Rico & Mercurie

My experience working with Lauren has been both enjoyable and informative. Lauren is a great interviewer! In no time at all, I found myself giving voice to thoughts about my relationship with my pet cockatiel that I never even knew I had! Perhaps because we can't have actual conversations with our non-human companions, much of what is true about the relationships we have with them remains unspoken and hence, unconscious.


Lauren took great photographs that seemed to capture the essence of my pet bird, and has translated those qualities into her painting, which includes a depiction of me, playing my ukelele and whistling to my bird buddy, which happens to be one of my favorite performance activities! Through Lauren's interviews, her photographs, and ultimately, with the lovely portrait she painted of us, I feel that my feathered companion and I have reached a whole new level of understanding. Thank you so much Lauren!



Jillian & Pearl

"It's the most beautiful piece of art I've seen... and it's of me, and this creature of love, my dog"


Santa Cruz

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