between us portraits commission art

Copper was my best friend and most inspiring companion.  


He was an eye-catching shelter rescue, a GSD and Chow-chow mix, who joined my family when I was 12 years old. My teenage years were soothed by sharing time with him outdoors on simple walks. I felt I could escape with him into invisible worlds of smell, humidity, motion, and sound.


When it came time for me to move away from my parents’ home, I got to take Copper with me. He was essential to my transition to greater independence and adulthood, a steady anchor point who tenderly managed my struggles with self-love and capriciousness. We got to experience the most sweet and healthy kind of family together—that unconditional trust, love and support; that occasionally stifling, repetitive responsibility. 


I made a ritual of sketching him in the mornings, a simple drawing exercise. Eventually I began to draw us together in a symbolic illustration style, influenced by my past as an abstract painter, refined by my traditional arts training, and rooted in the love we shared. 


After his passing in the summer of 2016, I realized I could continue this practice to remain in touch with his spirit. I also knew that I wasn’t the only one who has loved a pet this way. That knowing was the seed for this project.

Today, I apply what I learned from being with Copper to paintings of the spiritual-emotional relationships that we have with our pets. Between Us Portraits are both visual art and social service, as I speak all the languages of a pet owner—gratitude, grief, bewilderment, delight—during an interview process with clients to gather material for the final painting. It is an honor and inspiration to hold space for these stories... Like Copper romping on the beach or breaking into the pantry, like my new companion, Chloe-the-cat, gazing at the doves in our backyard... there’s much to explore and many rewards to be had. 

between us portraits commission art
drawing dog sunset illustration colored pencil between us portraits commission art